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The Rules of this Forum Empty The Rules of this Forum

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:27 pm


1) This forum is for the players, authors and operators of the game JAVATAR.  Limit your discussions to that game.  If you aren’t actively involved in playing the game, post your comments someplace else, or better yet – keep them to yourself.
2) Be a good citizen.  If your comments do not contribute to JAVATAR, its implementation, or discussion thereof don’t post it here.
3) Be respectful.  There are people from all different backgrounds and skill sets.  Remember that your way, your knowledge and your worldview are not the only (or best) ones.
4) Do not share your account information with anyone.  You are responsible for your own posts.  
5) Do not post personal information about yourself or others.
6) Use the personal message feature for PERSONAL REASONS.  Do not post the contents of personal messages on this or any other forum.
7) Stay on topic.
8) Review the topics already posted BEFORE you start a new thread.
9) Do not launch personal attacks on anyone.  It is fine to disagree with someone’s ideas, but make sure you challenge their arguments instead of attacking them.
10) Use standard American English.  Your posts should be in language that is clear and free of derogatory, defamatory, vulgar, offensive or sexual terms.
11) Think carefully before you post.  Choose your words wisely.
12) Do not edit your posts to change their content after someone has responded to them.
13) Do not post links.  Do not copy threads from other forums.  Do not offer commercial services, discounts, coupons or the like.
14) Threats of physical violence will not be tolerated.

If you choose to violate the rules you MAY receive a warning, a suspension or a ban depending on the severity of the infraction.  Your behavior here can have an effect on your in-game characters as well.  Violations MAY cause a suspension up to an outright ban on gaming privileges.


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