City guard routine improved

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City guard routine improved

Post by Jude on Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:34 pm

I just made a modification to the city guard (self rescue) routine.  

Now, when you press 'r' for a city guard rescue, the game will display a line that indicates the cost of a rescue, AND asks you to press Shift-ENTER to confirm that you actually want a rescue performed.  This was done for obvious reasons.  The previous setup didn't inform the players how much the rescue cost until AFTER it was paid for.  Also, this method prevents a stray key press form costing a deader a bunch of gold (and con!) they didn't want to spend.  

If you don't want to take the city guard rescue, pressing any other key (apart from the Shift-ENTER combo) will prevent the rescue from happening.

I hope this change is seen as an improvement.  I have done some testing with it, and it is currently live.  Please let me know if you encounter any issues with it.

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