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Post by miger on Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:28 pm

Yeah, I know it is just the way the game is structured. It is amazingly discouraging to have a complication at grade 28 nomad on a character's very first death, especially when using a morgue raise at the highest success rate possible (98.5%). Go figure the actual odds of achieving that bad result on your 1st death. It is doubly discouraging for a very young char to lose 20 stats when all the stats were not yet at max anyway. The penalty just seems severe for a beginner char.

While the game has items to help recovery, it is not likely that a very young char is going to have found these yet.

Maybe it would make more sense for the complication penalty to be based on the level of the char, ranging from minor effect on a beginner to a maximum effect on a very mature char. Unless the whole idea of a comp is to discourage playing. Just an idea to retain a brand new player who lacks recovery resources and will likely consider moving on to a different game rather than starting over.



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