Crashes and system reliability

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Crashes and system reliability Empty Crashes and system reliability

Post by dungeonmaster on Thu May 05, 2016 7:48 am

Over the last few months we experienced a wonderful crash free period.  Sadly-- that is apparently coming to an end.

We have had several unplanned and un-explained outages over the last week or so.  We are working on this, but we need your help.  We require your error reporting. The server can be run in a diagnostic mode, but this causes several known issues to become worse.  We try to avoid doing this routinely, due to degradations in performance, memory usage and connectivity.  If you suspect that you may have caused one or more of our recent outages-- let us know what you were doing at the time.  Be as specific as you can.  We need to locate the offending code and fix it.  

Our ancient server is due for replacement, and we are taking steps to do so.  Unfortunately, this will initially cause more problems than it solves. Upgrading hardware and OS will have us scrambling to resolve conflicts and tweak performance. Your continued patience is appreciated. We hope to have you back to uninterrupted monster slaying soon.


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