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Post by dungeonmaster on Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:24 am

Welcome to Javatar, a game loosely based on one of the older MUD games in existence.  The original game, called Avathar, was written in 1976-77 by some enterprising young people using the PLATO computer system at the University of Illinois.  Later renamed Avatar, the game’s history is long and convoluted, but it was important enough and addictive enough to still be played today.  Perhaps the most popular version of the game was Avatar84.
    This project has been around for a long time.  Its early days will be the subject of somebody else’s post – because I simply don’t know the history.  In 2014, I was invited to come on board to work on the game’s data.  After monitoring the players and doing my own playtesting, I decided that the task of trying to recreate the idealized perfect version of ’84 was a daunting task requiring more time than I cared to devote.  I suggested that we create a NEW version avatar, combining all the best ideas we could glean from the game’s various versions, and use them to enhance an Avatar84-like game.
      So here we are at JAVATAR-2, and I need to stress a few things.  First – this game is still under development.  There is no guarantee of playability.  Races, spells, monsters, dungeons, guilds are all subject to change with or without notice.  The guild (for example) you used to play in some previous version of Avatar may not work like the guild works here.  The code itself is under constant evolution trying to make it better.  Things are always in flux.  Second – this is NOT Avatar84.  If you are looking to play the game from “the old days” you will not find it here (or anywhere else for that matter.)  This game is similar to 84 but the differences are numerous and significant.  Lastly – all of us involved in this project were once players of Avatar.  We will not make changes that are harmful to the community of players without first posting about it.   We want you to play our game, but we do not view its success based on the number of players involved.  Do not be deceived by our willingness to become involved and discuss things with the players--this does not give you the power to “hurt” us by taking your play time elsewhere.  A player’s “investment” of hundreds of hours of playtime in this game does not necessarily make him valuable to the authors and operators of this game.  
    Report the bugs, errors and issues you encounter.  Be specific and include as much detail in each report as you can.  More often than not, the tiniest details are the ones that end up providing the clues we need to track down and slay those pesky bugs.  Be Patient with us.  No one involved in this project is paid.  We have lives and jobs and families and are not simply sitting around waiting to fix your issue.  Make your comments and suggestions politely--remember, you are our guest.  Have fun and enjoy the game and help others to do the same.

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