Spell update (from items and natural cast) in place

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Spell update (from items and natural cast) in place

Post by Jude on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:50 pm

Based on some feedback we have received, a spell update is in place.  Here are some things that it addresses:

  • Spells cast from items are now appropriately powered.  They were casting from the caster's spell level, which was incorrect.  With the new update, items that cast spells will cast at a set level of effectiveness.  For burnables, it goes like this:  wands<spheres<cubes.  This change is in place for hard items as well.  
  • Healing/curing spells are now restoring hits at levels more in line with previous versions of Avatar.  Restoration was notably overpowered.  
  • Some damage spells that were doing a constant amount of damage have had some variability sprinkled in.  

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