What is luck?

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What is luck? Empty What is luck?

Post by ghard on Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:59 am

Something in this game I have always wondered about and never got even an inkling of what it is in the game is luck. I don't expect any formulas or anything, but I would like to know in this version where luck of a race factors in to anything. Perhaps a scale on how much it matters on whatever it matters on of low/medium/high.

Speculation I have heard in other versions goes from saving throw to item drop to nothing at all, where luck is a factor.



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What is luck? Empty Re: What is luck?

Post by dungeonmaster on Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:28 pm

From other versions of the game I have heard lots of rumors, about luck. Most of them are false.

Luck is basically a moderate to small saving throw modifier. It has something to do with a lot of things, but is not the main factor in anything. Jude of course would be the definitive expert in this field--but, in a save versus destruction (for example) luck is the smallest part of the saving throw formula (if I recall our discussion correctly.) That is not to say it is totally irrelevant, because it is not.

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