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Post by dungeonmaster on Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:11 am

I added a series of 6 monsters to the game whose primary purpose is to be dispensers of gold.  On the upper levels, the amount of extra gold they carry is noticeable, but hardly significant.  This is due to the way we currently calculate gold, a system I devised 1.5 years ago as a stop gap, and it is still in place today.  That will be changing soon.  Our goal here is to have a party of 4 be able to find enough gold to account for 60-75% of the leveling needs of that party, with the remaining 25-40% coming from the sale of items found.  Right now the actual coin found is around 25%.  As with all things, this is going to require a period of adjustments as we try and walk the formula into the sweet spot.  For now we remain on the old formula.  I will advise when the new formula is up and running.

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