Uber Area is now live.

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Uber Area is now live. Empty Uber Area is now live.

Post by dungeonmaster on Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:01 pm

The new Uber Area is now live.

This area is very much a BETA Test.  

It works thusly:

There are FOUR True Uber's in the game, each potentially guarding a unique item.  Each has about a 2/3 chance of having an item in the box with only tiny chance that it will be something lame.  Most of the time you will be rolling an item on the best regular item table in the game.  Sometimes you will be rolling on that Uber's unique table which gives you a chance to pull that Uber's ITEM.  This is the only way to find these 4 big items.  If you are of average luck, you will have to clear each Uber many times before finding it's unique item.  

Rescue operations from the Uber area are going to be challenging, but I leave that to ya'll to discover why.

I have posted a temporary sign-- "Uber area Ahead" a few steps before you enter the uber area.  This is done to avoid the "screw the mappers" issue and will be removed when ya'll get maps posted.  Think twice and preplan a rescue before passing this sign.

Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.  It has been a long, wild ride getting here, but we finally arrived.


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