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Post by redbird97 on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:03 pm

I realize that it would be very difficult to allow players to wear 2 rings. However, I have developed a very nice collection of rings. I think I have every ring in storage except a Ring of Life or its equiv. Why not make it worthwhile to wear the rings? Have them all throw protection and depending on their use lvl give an extra 6-12 on Defense. The rings were meant to be special, but they really are not. It would be an easy fix. Any thoughts? Or if you don't want to do that, perhaps allow them to have resist para/magic/breath etc and also cast protection, but not add anymore defense other than the protection spell to def.


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A Modest Proposal Empty Re: A Modest Proposal

Post by Jude on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:29 pm

It would not take much effort, from a coding perspective, to allow two (or multiple) rings to be worn. The questions I would have before making such a change are as follows:

1. Would allowing two or multiple rings to be worn screw up game and/or party balance? Right now thieves and high level scavvies are at an advantage with spell rings, being able to safely carry unused spell rings deep into the dungeon. Certain rings are also used for building low level characters.. But you are right--for most classes, spell rings are not that useful for straight up running. You have to make a choice to lose a significant amount of defense for that added bonus spell capability the ring affords you. So spell rings end up being items that are useful only to certain classes or in certain specific situations.

2. If it gets decided that extra rings won't destroy game balance (I am not the decider--dungeonmaster calls the shots on game balance in his dungeon) what would be the best way to implement multiple rings? Avatar '84 on the Avatar '95 engine on NovaNET used a points system, where individual rings had ring points. Every player was allowed to wear a certain amount of cumulative ring points. The normal 'att/def/protection' rings carried a certain amount of points (and you could only wear one of those 'base' rings), and then you had some points left over for something really good (i.e. an Elven Ring) or maybe two lesser rings (i.e. a ring of frost and charming, perhaps..)

It's definitely worth a conversation. We want the game to be fun and balanced. Sometimes pursuing one can infringe upon the other.

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