Raise percentage fix

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Raise percentage fix

Post by Jude on Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:42 am

Based on some reports of an elevated percentage of raise failure, we ran some statistics on hundreds of thousands of simulated raise events, both in the morgue and with items (i.e. cross of life).

We found that the code was routinely short changing players by 1% on raises. (That may not sound like much... but another way of putting it is this way: if a typical percentage chance of failure was 2%, we were dealing with 3%... so the game was handing out 50% more comps than it should have for optimal raises!) I'm not sure when this bug was introduced--possibly when I switched things over to the new random number generator code. This was a very subtle glitch that had to do with rounding, and wasn't obvious to my in my earlier investigations.

At any rate, this has been fixed. We ran the statistics post fix, and the raise percentages are as advertised (both in the morgue and in the dungeon) for another very large simulation.



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Re: Raise percentage fix

Post by dungeonmaster on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:27 am

Stepping thru the 768 characters of the data base (there are a lot of empty records from chars that have been deleted) I applied a simple and hasty comp fix metric based on the AGE of the char. This of course, has several problems associated with it, but it was a fast and dirty way to apply SOME remedy. I did this very quickly, and if you feel a particular char was not fixed appropriately send me an email to the address below. List the char's name, and what you feel was missed/under fixed. In some cases, char's were probably over fixed as well-- and for those people... Merry Christmas.

Those players that have used a significant amount of resources recovering from comps, de aging and up hitting themselves will not appear harmed. (For example Jake, Glenn and Steve's chars.) If you feel you have suffered losses that you spent a lot of resources fixing and are deserving of further compensation send me an email that explains your losses, the amount of resources you spent fixing those losses and I will figure something out for you on a case by case basis.



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