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FIXED:  Monster specific item drops Empty FIXED: Monster specific item drops

Post by Jude on Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:47 pm

In every version of Avatar I have ever played, certain monsters drop certain items (at least some of the time).  Take down a Lynch Demon and you might get a Potion of Youth.  Kill a Fog Demon and you'll sometimes get a Potion of Fitness.  Certain stud encounters were likely to give you certain high level items.  

For some time we've had a bug in the code that distributes encounter specific items.  This bug has been fixed!  It has been at the top of my to do list for some time and I'm glad to have finally figured out the issue.  Also, a big thank you to JPA for going through our encounter tables (there are a lot of them!) to make sure that the monster specific item *data* (which wasn't the source of problem) is all tuned up an ready for the bug fix to roll out.

This fix is now live.  Some of the drops may be a bit generous for now, but given the history that's a good thing.  Enjoy!


P.S. "Good foggie!"

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