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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:41 pm

I have decided to return to the concept that the ANNOUNCEMENTS forum will be locked to user posts.  If you have questions or comments, you can QUOTE the official post and start a discussion thread in whichever forum header seems the most appropriate to you.  

Each sub header under bug reports will be open to user posting and topic creation.  The forum header of BUG REPORTS will not.  If you can't decide where to post a particular issue related to a bug, use the OTHER forum under BUGS.

Requested Features is for things not currently included in the game (or forum) that you would like to see added.

OTHER is the general catch all heading for NON BUG issues.

Please try your best to place your post where it belongs.  Use your best judgement -- if you get it wrong I will either move it or delete it.


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